What is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection

By | November 20, 2022

What is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection

What is Domain Privacy Protection service offered by Bluehost?

Domain Privacy Protection is undeniably one of the quintessential features offered by Bluehost while Registering a Domain with them because this is exactly how you can really protect your personal information from spammers. If you are planning to buy a Bluehost domain and hosting, you may even come across their popular Package Extra service known as Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection while Signing Up with them.

This might make you start asking yourself…Is Bluehost Domain Privacy + Protection even worth it or not?
No doubt, this is a great question that indeed merits an answer! My answer would be
but again it
Let’s figure it out in this detailed review to know more if Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection is worth the cost associated with it or there any FREE Alternative available…

How does Bluehost Domain Privacy + Protection work?

Here’s a short video that will let you know how exactly this optional paid add-on from Bluehost can help you out in protecting your personal data and keeping it private…

Where to buy Domains for your Websites?

Previously, I used to buy Domains from Godaddy but later I stopped mainly due to the fact that it’s way more expensive to Register at Godaddy and sadly the prices keep going up every single year! Eventually, I realized that there are still a few quality web hosting companies such as Bluehost out there offering their new customers with a FREE Domain whenever they create a hosting account with them.

This way they will only have to pay for their web hosting bill and completely chuck the Domain Name Registration bill which is
FREE of cost
(taken care of by the Bluehost team themselves). Moreover, Bluehost gives you up to 60% Special Discount on their web hosting service which is so
COOL! Isn’t it?

How to get a FREE Domain Name Registered at Bluehost?

To Get Started with
Bluehost Domain Registration + Web Hosting Service Purchase, just visit their Official Site here ➔ www.bluehost.com!

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Also, if you wish to get a FREE Bluehost Domain Now, you can right away make use of this
Bluehost Domain Availability Search Tool

After you are done searching for your desired Domain Name at Bluehost, it’s now time to set up your Bluehost hosting account to instantly start creating your website and take it online! Confused? That’s okay! You can follow our simple Bluehost
FREE Domain Registration + Web Hosting Account Purchase
guide below…

Can I get FREE Domain Privacy Protection from Bluehost?

Many ask if there is any way to get Bluehost’s Domain Privacy Protection add-on FREE of cost
(if possible)
or if there is any other FREE Alternative available? Surprisingly, the answer is
and it sounds too good to be
TRUE! In fact, Bluehost does offer this optional paid Domain Privacy + Protection add-on for FREE only with their higher web hosting plans
(Choice Plus and Pro).

Why do I need Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection? Is it even necessary?

Here are a few primary reasons that will let you know the benefits of Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Package Extra service and how exactly this tool will protect your website:

Prevention of Spam
and other
unsolicited junk mails.

2. Eliminates issues that could lead to
Identity Theft.

Reduces unwanted Telephone Calls
Postal Mails
to your given address.

4. Greatly
eliminates Malware
prevents SEO Blacklisting.

5. Prevents any
Fraudulent Transfer of your Domain
to some other third-party hacker or spammer.

6. Timely
SMS Notifications
are received regarding any major changes that could significantly impact your Domain.

won’t be able to easily look up which Domains you own by accessing the
WHOIS Databases.

Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Price (2021): How much does it cost you?

Bluehost’s Domain Privacy + Protection tool is much cheaper than you think as it will only cost you
$0.99 per month
or approximately
$11.88 yearly
with their Basic web hosting plan with similar renewal costs as well. As mentioned earlier, you can also get Bluehost’s Domain Privacy Protection feature absolutely FREE of cost if you directly go with their higher hosting plans
(Choice Plus and Pro).

What is GDPR Domain Masking on Bluehost Domains?

The contact information of Bluehost customers from the
European Region
will get masked publicly by default mainly due to the
GDPR. This means that Bluehost primarily needs to protect the personal details of the
EU Citizens
whose Domains are in question and if the companies fail to comply with this rule can get subjected to stiff penalties and fines. However, Bluehost’s Domain Privacy Protection service adds an extra layer of protection on top especially for those who are already protected via
by default!

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WHOIS Domain Privacy Availability for Bluehost Domain Extensions

Not all Domain Extensions
offered by Bluehost are allowed to have a private WHOIS record as each of the Registry sets its own rules and regulations regarding this. Generally, most of the
(country code top-level domains)
offered by Bluehost do not allow the protection of WHOIS records by making use of their
Domain Privacy Protection
tool. In
March 2005, the
stated that the personal information of all the owners of the
.us Domains
must be made public and hence they won’t be allowed to have the option of keeping their personal data as private.

Conclusion: Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection worth the cost? Should you buy it?

temporary solution effectively provides enough basic protections for your sensitive personal information stored in the
WHOIS Databases
while Registering your Domain with Bluehost. Meanwhile, it’s up to the Domain owners themselves to determine whether they are extra cautious about their privacy against Spamming & Data Theft or just fine with it! Once you
and arrive at the Bluehost Checkout Page, you shall see the optional
Domain Privacy + Protection
(just below the
Package Extras

where you can either decide to check this Privacy option or just leave it unchecked
(for a future purchase if needed).

Although Bluehost’s
Domain Privacy + Protection
feature is
100% OPTIONAL, I would still recommend this paid add-on and view it as a
feature for your Bluehost Domains! I have bought the Domain Privacy + Protection service myself for most of my Domains and have experienced true benefits of having a protected Domain especially by reducing Email Spam to a major extent. Priced at only
99 cents monthly, Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection is an inexpensive remedy to your headache regarding the privacy of your personal data.

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I hope this guide on
Is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection Worth It? Do you need to select it while Registering a Domain Name and Web Hosting Service with Bluehost? (Review 2021)
was helpful to you in making the right decision. I am quite sure that by now you must be knowing whether to really buy this Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection add-on or just uncheck it from the list of Package Extras they offer during their Sign Up Process. For more info on their Privacy tool, Contact 24×7 Bluehost Domain + Hosting Support!

Are all the list of Bluehost Package Extras needed
other than DOMAIN PRIVACY + PROTECTION service or not?

Jan 1, 2021 @ 1:32 am

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What is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection

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